fashioning the future 

Making vintage skills as popular as vintage clothes.

Do you want fashion that is expressive, accessible and affordable?
So do we!

Do you worry that the ‘fast fashion’ industry is more about passing trends than style, has questionable working conditions, and is bad for the environment?
So do we!

Do you like the idea of ‘slow fashion’ and eco-ethical brands but find them too niche, expensive and limited in styles?
So do we!

Do you want smart, bold and innovative ways to get exactly what you want?
Read on!  You’ve found the right place.

We believe that reuse is the third way and the best option. You don’t need to be a fashion designer or textile expert. EVERYONE can reuse.

Conscious Layers shows you how. It’s easy, fun, you’ll learn skills, make friends and look fabulous!

Our Mission

To empower a community of makers and menders​.
We believe...

Clothes are things of beauty! Clothes are powerful forms of expression. Clothes are a second skin. They can express wonderfully complex identities and cultural diversity.

We believe there’s no such thing as affordable fast fashion, only ever-increasing hyper consumption. We believe the current system is unsustainable, pointless and damaging to people and the planet.  We don’t support it and we want to replace it with an alternative.

On this website you’ll find simple, practical ways to take action.  You can find mutual support, different ways to express yourself, ways to take control and ways to stand out in the crowd. There are opportunities to share your skills, learn new ones, swap ideas and revolutionise fashion!    

Our Community

  1. Conscious Layers has a community-based approach to addressing fast fashion, and is a welcoming space for discussion on related issues. I got involved as a seamstress for both the Ecowest Wardrobe Upkeep and the Oversew fashion awards. The key values I share with the Conscious Layers team is sustainability and responsibility for the consequences of fast fashion. This team is one of the many emerging sustainability focused enterprises that we are seeing at a time of growing awareness of production lifecycles and impacts of our hyper consumption ways.
    Helena Li
  2. Conscious Layers is all about finding real alternatives to the fast fashion industry, and the project brings all sorts of people together who share that ideal. We’ve been involved with the Conscious Layers group since 2016, and love the way Yaki, Maja and the rest of the team drive the project. They’re motivated, creative, energetic and above all, practical. They want to make things happen - to make a difference, to win hearts and change minds - and they’re prepared to do what it takes! Their achievements so far have all shown us there are solid, practical alternatives, and that we can make them a reality. Keep at it!
    Jay Stone and Carolynn Day
  3. It is the people who draw me in. I first volunteered for Conscious Layers' EcoDay stall. There I met a lot of courageous interesting people. Conscious Layers have some great initiatives and are intelligent, creative, open, and radiate enthusiasm. It takes courage to change the world. When I meet people like you, I want to help you change the world into a better place. Friends like this, I know, also help me change for the better.
  4. After relocating to Auckland in late 2016, I was lucky enough to come across an organization as wonderful and genuine as Conscious Layers. Initially, I found a CL Facebook event, in which I persuaded a friend to come along to. We spent the evening sewing and patching up old clothing items, as well as connecting with such passionate, like-minded individuals. Since then, I have to admit, ever so humbly, I am a CL ‘groupie’ through and through. I stand fully behind their mission, future aspirations, incredibly genuine team members and all of the community impact they have already made. I cannot wait to see where Conscious Layers will go!
    Courtney Windju