Swap&_______ for the love of community opshops

When good quality clothing goes to waste, not only is the fabric discarded, but also hours of skill and work somebody somewhere invested in that garment. Actually when you think about it, not repairing it would also be a waste of skills here at home... we simply can't let sewing and repair skills disappear!

This is why we decided to invest all profits from our Swap& activities to hiring migrant and refugee women to repair faulty op shops donations. These will be resold via Swap&Shop channels and will (in Tina Turner's words) keep the wheels of 'buying, swapping and repairing' turning :)


An ongoing project to deliver to you carefully selected and cleaned (and in time - repaired and redesigned) preloved garments. Once you’ve got bored of the garment, the size no longer fits you, or if you simply need something else, you get one FREE swap on the online Swap&Shop channels. It’s like a lifetime return guarantee - you get a “new” item, we make sure the “old” item stay in the loop and doesn’t go to waste.

Coming soon 

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Having a conscious mind helps make conscious choices. And who doesn’t like a refreshed wardrobe, body and mind? The first clothes swap and yoga event  was brought to you by us in collaboration with the Auckland Buddhist Centre in June 2017 and was a huge success! Stay tuned as we will be doing this again on 16th September, this time in collaboration with Auckland Central City Library.


Yearn to speak your mind like you yearn for that “must have” little black dress. The power of slam poetry (we go a bit bananas over it) aligns your mind, body and soul through the beats of spoken words. We are looking forward to organising our Swap&Slam event soon and want to hear from any slam poets that might be interested.