Our manifesto explains the beliefs that drive us and thinking that underpins our everyday choices. We hope that in reading it you will come to think “Damn those girls are smart, bold and want to get things done”. Our Journey and Testimonial pages show that we don’t plan on doing any of these things alone. So if you find yourself ‘hell yes-ing’ to what you find here, then come to one of our events and let's see what we can do together!

We choose fashion as our starting point because:

Clothes are a thing of beauty! In their own right, clothes are a powerful artifact. Birds have feathers, we have frocks. Clothes are our second skin; they express our beautifully complex identities and cultural diversities.

Clothes thus provide for more than just our need to be warm and protected from environmental conditions. Clothes provide for our need to belong.

Fashion has been around forever and is a powerful storyteller. It is how you get to express who you are, and how you get to own part of your identity. For the most part however - we use it to stereotype. Fashion clearly tells us who are the haves, who are the have-nots, and who are the ‘Cinderellas’ of this world. Fashion should be about communicating style not status.

Fashion, “the child of capitalism”, enslaves consumers and workers alike. As a consumer we religiously buy trends to paradoxically be both an individual and belong to a crowd. As workers, we “agree” to produce in exploitative conditions because we feel lucky to at least have a job. Neither of us gets much time to create and collaborate (things that make us feel alive).

The first step to connect the dots is to learn, imagine and know that “there is no such thing as fast fashion, only ever increasing hyper consumption”. The fashion industry is a microcosm of the system we currently use to manage resources on this planet (aka THE economy). It is linear, global and has ‘too long of a supply chain for us to really know what is going on’. SOMETHING IS MISSING

Change the way you look at things,
and the things you look at change.

We choose creative and collaborative behaviours as our tools for change because this is how confidence is built. Confidence is important because:

To us, confidence can only grow from deep consciousness of the self and the other, connected by empathetic mutual support in a community. Confidence does not have to equate arrogance.   

In a society where the ownership of material goods is equated with self-worth, far too many focus on the ownership of material trivialities and not nearly enough on being in charge of their lives. In building up each other’s confidence we can reject the manipulation of our minds.

We believe that this kind of confidence will revolutionise the fashion industry and the world. This confidence grants us the courage to be creative and proactively learn new skills, such that we become more of a producer than a passive consumer. By acknowledging our own creative potential, we are liberated from the fear of needing to hold onto our possessions to stand out in the crowd and can feel much freer to share!